Capoeira is a unique martial art, a Brazilian art form born out of oppression and slavery where it was disguised as a dance, a clever way of fooling the slave masters so that the slaves could train. Capoeira is a fusion of Self-Defence, Acrobatics, Music and Fitness. People all over the world now practice Capoeira, some for self-defence, others just for Fitness and lots of Fun!!

Trainer: Raul Gaucho


Trainer: Wesley


  1. My name is Julien Burgel and I am a french student in Audencia, a leading international business school in Nantes, France. With my studies, I have the opportunity to complete a 8 to 11 weeks internship, from December 26th to March 6th, in a established international company of my choice. My studies allow me to acquire some skills in marketing, phoning and sales technics. Passionated buy travels and i would like more discovery on the world, I would be grateful if you would give me a chance to be hired in your company.
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